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Investigation of your sisters sudden vanishing leads you to discover a plot that goes beyond this world.

As the Twin Moons of Persia approach their full phase, the Academy restricts the use of magic for safety. But when the Arcstone blows up, three students vanish into thin air. Getting no help from the ministry investigators, Melika decides to look for her missing sister on her own. This investigation quickly turns into a electrifying adventure, which leads her beyond the mythical Moonlight Veil.

Gra Persian Nights 2: Blask Księżyca pobierz

  • Play as Melika, witty and observant student of magic!
  • Investigate the vanishing of your sister in Persian Academy of Sorcery!
  • Find and tame all Moonlings, adorable magical helpers!
  • Test your wizard skills with puzzles and HO scenes!
  • Discover mystery hidden behind The Moonlight Veil!
  • System PC: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista
  • Gra pelna kompatybilna 32/64-bits
Persian Nights 2: Blask Księżyca Gra Bezpłatne Bezpłatne pobieranie Persian Nights 2: Blask Księżyca
Persian Nights 2: Blask Księżyca do Pobrania
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